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VIN was formed in the late 1990s by a qualified lab animal technician.  He documented malpractice and the failure of the legislation in two animal labs before passing the evidence to the authorities and media.  The flawed nature of the experiments endorsed by the law led him to pursue research into the scientific nature of animal testing and to publicise the strong evidence against it.

While much of the discussions surrounding animal testing have centred on whether it is cruel or ethically acceptable in view of the effect on the animals involved, this discussion often avoids a more central matter.  Animal welfare and animal right are not a primary concern of this site, and if you want to consider this further, you should see some of the sites listed in our links section

Our priority is discuss the medical validity of experimenting on one species to learn about the biology, disease or treatment of another species.

Does animal experimentation actually work?

For generations there has been evidence that studying human illness in animals is ineffective.  Scientists and researchers have spoken out against it, and there have been numerous examples of failure of the animal model.  The consequences of this have been unsafe medications being released to humans, and effective treatments being delayed or lost.


What do we want?

We’re making a simple request that is reasonable.  That the existing legal and political framework is used properly.

In the UK we have laws which state that animal experiments may not be used unless a clear, important reason that justifies the undoubted suffering of animals is presented – and there is no other way the research could be conducted.

In effect, both of these are breached.  Animals are still used to test household products which will offer only commercial benefits. 

They’re used in tests which have been evaluated and found to be unsuitable, inaccurate, and indefensible. 

They’re used in tests when there are much better non-animal tests available – tests that are quicker and more accurate.

 So we support the calls for an inquiry into animal tests.  We want an historic, thorough and open inquiry which would independently investigate claims that animal tests should continue to be used, and the current use of the law is acceptable.  Such an inquiry has been supported by Members of the UK Parliament in their hundreds, proving it is a popular move politically.  Doctors have shown that they support it.  Established medical publications and organisations have spoken in support of it.  Yet we still haven’t had one, as governments fail to implement an inquiry which would save money and human lives.

For the benefits of those patients, we need an inquiry.  Please read the evidence on this site to see how animal testing has failed us all.

If you want to take action against animal testing, visit our action page.

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