Organ chip project launched
$70 million projec aims to improve the emerging technology. Click here. (July 2012)

Green Hill beagles are freed!
Italian authorities send the dogs to homes not labs.  Click here.  (July 2012)

Cardiff University sew kitten's eyes shut
Despite evidence that the method is pointless, the experiment is approved.  Click here.  (July 2012)

Scientists want support for non-animal science
Twelve leading medical researchers call for more funds for technology. Click here. (July 2012)

Animal experiments in UK increase again
While technology continues to advance, Home Office licenced more flawed science. Click here. (July 2012)

Roche accused of hiding adverse reactions
One medication, 80,000 ADRs, 15,000 deaths. Click here. (July 2012)

Guardian: Animal experiments is a failed science
Newspaper features an explanation of the impossibility of the method.  Click here. (July 2012)

Zebrafish are not models for human psychiatric disorders!
As a medical journal suggests they are, read the expert explanation of the various differences. Click here.  (July 2012)

Maryland lab ends chimpanzee use
Chimpanzee tests continue decline as disbelief in their medical relevance grows. Click here. (July 2012)

Why are mice a poor model for humans? They're too cold!
Experimenters claim limitations are caused by temperature not species.  Click here. (June 2012)

Italian beagles avoid the lab
Daylight demo breaches breeders. Click here. (May 2012)

American lab beagles find freedom
San Diego lab released dogs to new lives. Click here. (May 2012)

Crazy experiments persist
Top ten most pointless tests released.  Click here. (April 2012)

India advances laws against animal tests
Animal experiments banned in schools and universities. Click
here. (April 2012)

Primate expert speaks up for science for vivisection
Prof Jane Goodall's editorial explains that animal imports are not essential. Click
here(April 2012)

Dr Greek interviewed by Toronto Star
World-reknown scientist explains the failing of animal tests. Click
here. (April 2012)

Chimpanzees in Psychology
Medical journal article says they are not worthwhile models. Click
here. (March 2012)

Why animal imports are bad for science
Medical expert speaks against lab animal imports.  Click
here. (March 2012)

Animal models fail psychiatry
Medical journal article shows the poor record of animal methods. Click
here. (Feb 2012)

Alzheimer's cells gron in the lab
New technique is another human-based research method. Click
here. (Feb 2012)

Has animal testing helped treat cancer?
Claims by a pro-vivisection organisation have been investigated and found to be flawed.  Click
here (Feb 2012)

Chimaira monkeys
A doctor explains that news reports have overblown the medical value.  Click
here.  (Feb 2012)

Major monkey farm blocked
Puerto Rico denies application.  Click here.  (Jan 2012)

Canadian lab statistic released
The 2010 report shows a small decrease in animals used. Click
here. (Jan 2012)

Who is responsible for faulty breast implant?
Antidote Europe have contacted the MHRA to explain the role of animal testing in the disaster. Click
here. (Jan 2012)

Parliament hears the medical realities
MP David Amess made an articulate and incisive presentation to parliament regarding the medical failure of animal experiments.  It can be seen here and starts at
 5 hr 15 minutes. (Jan 2012)

Mathematical models prove predictive value 
Trials of the new development show remarkable accuracy.  Click here.  (Dec 2011)

Safer Medicines find news ways to promote science over animal modelling.
Sign their new petition, see their newsletter, and see their letter in The Lancet.  Read more here. (Dec 2011)

Expert reports says stop primate tests

Two reports highlight the medical flaws in the primate model.  Click here (Dec 2011)

Dr Greek explains animal experiments
Dr C Ray Greek's knowledge of medical science is enormous, as is his opposition to animal models of human disease. To see the video of his recent talk, click
here. (Nov 2011)

5th - 11th December, target SHAC suppliers
More suppliers exposed, but more have left HLS. Click here (Nov 2011)

$16,000,000,000 wasted on animal tests
See where it is wasted and what else could be done with the money.  Click
here. (Nov 2011)

Cardiovascular animal tests condemned
New study questions animal tests.  Click
here. (Nov 2011)

Nov 5th - Barry Horne 10 year Memorial Protest and March
On November 5th, it will be exactly 10 years since Barry Horne died after hunger strikes against vivisection. For details of the event click
here (Sep 2011)

Chimp brains don't shrink
More details are revealed between human brains and those of related primates.
Click here  (Sep 2011)

Flaws revealed in primate report
Article in veterinary Times reveals the gaps. 
Click here (Sep 2011)

Lab chimps see daylight for the first time
Video shows the release after years in a lab.
Click here (Sep 2011)

Public opinion condemns animal tests by charities
Knowledge of the inapplicability of animal tests is more widespread.
Click here (Sep 2011)

Superdrug products eliminate animal testing
High street retailer leads the way. 
Click here (Sep 2011)

New book details vivisection and science
Bioethics authority Andrew Knight highlights the medical reasons for new science.
Click here (Aug 2011)

Israeli vivisection down 9%
Nation records another annual decrease.
Click here (Aug 2011)

Hundreds of primate tests found to be pointless
Review finds that approval was granted without justification.
Click here (Aug 2011)

UK to ban animal tests for household products?
Home office minister states the practice is unacceptable.
Click here. (July 2011)

Lab animals need help to find homes
Downscaling and liquidating labs are releasing animals.  Can you help? 
Click here (July 2011)

UK Government admits a rise in animal tests
While technology allows less excuses to use animals, authorities enable more experiments.
Click here. (July 2011)

Animal rights group funds validation
PETA is paying to validate a skin test which could lead to animal tests being shelved.
Click here. (July 2011)

Is diabetes research in mice worthwhile?
Despite optimistic headlines following deiscoveries, scientists feel they are not. 
Click here (July 2011)

Scientists - "Update science"
Medical experts have been outspoken in their call for policy action against outated animal methods.
Click here (June 2011)

Study reveals thousands of deaths from medical drugs
Western societies suffer massive loss from animal tested medications. 
Click here. (June 2011)

Valitox presented to the European Authorities
The technological method outperforms animal tests and is endorsed by experts.
Click here (June 2011)

Heart expert backs non-animal science
See the interview on the Antidote site.
Click here. (June 2011)

Harlan campaign launched
A campaign and national demo against the beagle breeders has been launched.
Click here. (June 2011)

Major airlines exposed
Passengers on airlines are sharing the plane with monkeys imported for vivisection. 
Click here. (June 2011)

Primatologist: end laboratory primate trade
Jane Goodall joins experts and celebrities in supporting an end to the trade.
Click here (April 2011)

Sainsbury's toiletries now avoid all animal testing
The supermarket products have now gained approval to use the logo.
Click here (April 2011)

Wickham labs: outdated rabbit tests revealed.
The disgraced contract lab has been exposed by undercover report yet again. Click here. (April 2011)

Government supports moves to ban animal tests on household products.
A statement from Home Office minister welcomes calls for a ban. Click here. 
(March 2011)

BUAV’S new Little Book of Cruelty Free helps people avoid animal testing. 
(March 2011)
Click here to see it online.

Cows and mice are found to be different species
(March 2011)
Animal experimenters have noted that differences between cows and mice are detectable as the embryo develops.  Click

Bid to end duplicate drug research (March 2011)
Animal experiments are routinely repeated and multiple licences for the same experiments are issued.  Read about attempts to stop this

World Day March in London (Feb 2011)
For details and transport click here.

Are the EU set to delay ban on animal testing cosmetics? (Jan 2011)
Plans for a ban this year are now in doubt.  Read more here.

Science report explains brain science (Feb 2011)
Primates are not helpful in studying human brain diseases.  Read the report

HLS exposed again 
(Feb 2011)
Notorius troubled lab disgraced again by leaked documents.  Read more here.

Have animal tests mislead us over statins? (Jan 2011)
Assumptions drawn form animal tests are now believed to be wrong. Read more here.

Israeli government may ban cosmetic animal tests (Jan 2011)
Israel plans world-leading legislation while Europe takes a step back. Read more here.

Wickham labs caught out again
(Dec 2010)
The contract lab in Hampshire (UK) has been exposed by undercover workers who documented incompetent killing methods and breaches of licences.  Read more here.

Newcastle University’s primate experimenters witheld details.  Now a court rules that they must release details. (Nov 2010)
The Information Tribunal today described legal arguments run by Newcastle University as ‘an affront to common sense’. Read more here.

Experts want non-animal techniques funded (Oct 2010)
A group of leading research scientists have had their request for appropriate state funding featured in a national newspaper. Read more here.

Sheffield City Council reject animal testing
Council used-cleaning products will all be non-animal tested, following cross-party support.  Read more here.

Historic opportunity to evaluate animal experiments 
Animal experiments have never been formalled evaluated for medical relevance.  MPs from all parties are calling for the first ever inquiry.  Read more here.

BBC wildlife presenter Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek joins leading scientists and doctors to launch campaign to end toxicity tests on primates
The campaign’s report presents an immediate science strategy to end poisoning tests on non-human primates.  Read more here.

Brain illnesses: animal models generate useless drugs
"...attempting to translate drug response in animal models to human clinical trials is something that rarely seems to pan out." Read two articles from The Lancet here.

Film exposes lab and forces closure
Damning footage leads to release of animals. Read more here.

MS treatment breakthrough!
Incisive research by clinical scientists have exposed the failings of the MS animal model which has mislead researchers or decades and enabled real treatments to be developed. Read more here.

The government needs to fund science not vivisection
Statements by politicians need to be seen in the context of what is actually happening in medical research.  Read more here.

A planned animal lab draws scientific criticism over AIDS tests in animals. (added 23rd July 2010)
Read more here.

Lab closes and the beagles find a new home (added 24th June 2010)
Outside links for the
story and video.

Non-animal technology enables accurate cell based tests (added 24th June 2010)
Early identification of toxic compounds now routinely uses cell-based in vitro assays.  A recent study from Roche Pharma and Roche Applied Science shows how cell techniques are being preferred to animal tests. Read more here.

UK to lead the world with product test ban?
(added 8th June 2010)
The new coalition government government have stated that they will band the animal testing of floor cleaners and air fresheners, as well as reversing the inexcusable upward trend in animal experiments. Read more here.

Nanotechnology provides an artificial test gut and liver (added 8th June 2010)
Technology using human cells and tissues enables yet another non-animal method.  Read more here.

Stem cells provide opportunity for better science (added 8th June 2010)
Dissatisfied with animal tests, a pioneer has high hopes for this technology.  Read more here.

Lab conditions make experiments impractical
Lab animals are overweight and get minimal exercise.  This means their biology is radically altered and they make poor test subjects.  To read more, see the bottom of this page.

A preoccupation with animal tests means that we're neglecting human studies, says a leading immunologist.
A stanford expert says mice are 'lousy models' and has called for better use of human screening in order to understand the human immune system. Read more here.

Animal tests reveal migraine drugs- but they don't work in humans (added 8th June 2010)
“ new prophylactic treatment has been specifically developed for migraine since methysergide in the 1960s. Possible bumps along the road include species differences...We are all familiar with various compounds that have performed well in animal models only to fail in clinical trials." Full article here.

Politicians want animal test reforms
A survey of politicians has revealed overwhelming support for basic reforms to reduce animal testing.  Based on this, there is no reason not to implement major changes urgently.  Read more here.

"Many compounds tested in rodents raise hopes of their becoming potential cures, and almost as many go on to fail in human clinical trials." added 8th June 2010
See this article.

Bisphenol A

BPA has a similar chemical structure to Diethylstilboestrol (DES), a medication which caused severe health problems for women, their daughters, and (it is believed) their granddaughters.  Use of Toxicogenomics, a high-tech screening system has identified that BPA is extremely dangerous.  Now tests on rats are being used to justify the argument against restricting the use of BPA.  Read more here.

EU Legislation offers compromise
An overhauling of the Europe-wide legislation has led to concerns on both sides of the debate, before offering concessions. 
Read more here.

Law suits threaten the US Government
The government has continued to use animal methods despite the availability of technologically superior non animal methods, spurring litigation. 
Read more here.

Journal: Animal Studies Mislead
Animal experiments are used to generate a variety of responses, with the hoped for ones kept and the unwanted ones discarded.
Read more here.