There are numerous excellent websites available that show the medical opposition to animal testing, and provide opportunities for you to help stop it.  You are encouraged to look further into these informative websites.

Safer Medicines
are a doctor's group campaigning for a move away from unreliable animal models.

Safer Medicines have produced an
excellent video covering non-animal research methods.

Americans For Medical Advancement is a group of health professionals who oppose the animal model.  

Absurdity of Vivisection is one of the most comprehensive website available, covering moral as well as medical opposition toanimal testing.   

Antidote Europe is a Europe-wide group focussed on ensuring effective, technological methods are used instead of animal experiments.

Animal Consultants International is a group of professionals opposed to vivisection and provides indepth medical reports.

UnCaged campaign against animal testing and have produced hard-hitting political campaigns.

Protecting Animals In Democracy organises political actions and tactical voting in favour of animal issues including animal testing.

Animal Aid is one of the most established Animal Rights groups in the world and campaigns against animal experiments. 

The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) is Europe's leading alliance peacefully campaigning on behalf of laboratory animals.

The BUAV uses undercover investigations, political lobbying and the promotion of cruelty free products to oppose animal testing.

Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research is a groundbreaking organisation funding non-animal techniques.

Go Cruelty Free is a website detailing household and personal care products that do not involve animal testing.

Campaign for the Abolition of Animal Slavery
urges a shift away from the abuse of animals.

 is an effective political campaign group against animal testing.

The Procter & Gamble site highlights animal testing by P&G and promotes cruelty-free shopping.

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty aims to close Europe's largest and most repeatedly exposed animal lab.

SPEAK is a grass roots animal rights group currently campaigning to end the use of animals in research carried out by Oxford University.

Scientific Anti Vivisectionism is a thorough site detailing the historical failure of the animal model.   

Stop EU Animal Tests aims to stop the massive animal testing programmes throughout Europe.

World Animal Net Directory maintains details of thousands of groups internationally.

Absurdity Links page provides many more links.


Southern Animal Rights Collective - co-ordinates actions across southern England

Animal Cruelty Investigation Group - undertakes investigations and campaigns against animal cruelty

Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals - religious groups protecting animals

Bristol Animal Rights Collective - active Bristol (UK) group

Covance Campaign - campaigns against a large laboratory undertaking commercial animal testing

Essex Animal Freedom - co-ordinating protests in Essex (UK)

South East Animal Rights - active group in South East UK

Advocates for Animals - Scottish group defending animals

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty - campaigns to close the enormous, discreditted Huntingdon Life Sciences

Manchester Animal Protection Group - Active group in Manchester (UK)

Liberation Magazine - Online animal rights organisation

Leeds Animal Protection - Active group in Leeds (UK)

Minnesota Primate Freedom - US based group assisting primates who are in, or who used to be in laboratories