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Wickham labs caught out again
The contract lab in Hampshire (UK) has been exposed by undercover workers who documented incompetent killing methods and breaches of licences.  Read more here.

Newcastle University’s primate experimenters witheld details.  Now a court rules that they must release details.
(Nov 2010)
The Information Tribunal today described legal arguments run by Newcastle University as ‘an affront to common sense’.

Experts want non-animal techniques funded (Oct 2010)
A group of leading research scientists have had their request for appropriate state funding featured in a national newspaper.

Sheffield City Council reject animal testing
Council used-cleaning products will all be non-animal tested, following cross-party support.

Historic opportunity to evaluate animal experiments 
Animal experiments have never been formalled evaluated for medical relevance.  MPs from all parties are calling for the first ever inquiry. 

BBC wildlife presenter Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek joins leading scientists and doctors to launch campaign to end toxicity tests on primates

The campaign’s report presents an immediate science strategy to end poisoning tests on non-human primates.

Brain illnesses: animal models generate useless drugs
"...attempting to translate drug response in animal models to human clinical trials is something that rarely seems to pan out."

Film exposes lab and forces closure
Damning footage leads to release of animals.

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Expert: Mice are a 'lousy model'.
A US-based immunologist expert has called for a move away from convenient mouse models to a study of human biology to discover secrets of our immune system.

Rats justify the poison BPA
Tests on rats have been used to back the continued use of BPA, which is linked to cancer, Parkinson's Disease, birth defects and other serious illnesses. 

EU 'Truce' over legislation
The European Union rules on animal testing offer something ot both sides.

US government sued over animal testing
Lazy and unscientific preoccupations with animal testing draw legal actions against the American government.

Medical journal: "Animal studies mislead"
Yet another medical journal criticises the animal testing industry.

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