Harlan Beagles demo: 25th August


Harlan breeds beagles for laboratories and has been exposed by undercover investigation.  The demo is part of the campaign to close them.

Save the Harlan Beagles March



Help make history & save the lives of 1000s of dogs



HARLAN breeds beagles in the UK and sells them to laboratories.

In 2011, Harlan was exposed for animal cruelty and neglect.


On Saturday 25th August, people from across the country will march through Cambridge city centre calling for the immediate closure of Harlan laboratories



The short, brutal lives of Harlan beagles



Wyton-bred beagles are sold to laboratories where they will have everything from household products to drugs tested on them. If the experiments don’t kill them, they are given a lethal injection.


Are Harlan beagles helping save human lives? No and they never will because of the difference between species


92% of new medicines – approved in animal experiments – FAIL when tested on humans, and adverse reactions to prescription drugs are now the FOURTH leading cause of death in the western world and cost the NHS around £466 million a year.


In July 2011, The Sunday Times exposed Harlan for punching beagles, drawing obscenities on their faces ‘for fun’ and allowing them to live in such cramped, stressful conditions, they self-harm or even kill each other.


Harlan beagles NEVER see daylight or breathe fresh air.


If we don’t save the Harlan beagles, who will?

We are asking anybody who cares for the welfare of animals and the advancement of human health to join the march on Saturday 25th August. We need the Government, Harlan, and the companies who test on beagles to know that the compassionate people of the UK do not condone the torture of animals in 2012and will not put the lives of their loved ones at risk by taking potentially lethal medicines.


One day. One opportunity to make history…

The march will begin at 12 noon at Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. There will be eminent guest speakers in attendance, including Andre Menache BSc (Hons) BVSc MRCVS, CEO of Antidote Europe, Dr Victoria Martindale and Natalia Collins.

LUSH Cambridge (4 Lion Yard, CB2 3NA) is supporting this event and, before or after the march, you can visit their store to sign a petition letter and talk with members of the Save the Harlan Beagles campaign – as well as enjoy free beauty treatments, free food and pick up some beagle-inspired goodies for kids.

For more information about the Save the Harlan Beagles march,

please contact Erica Barclay on ericabarclay@hotmail.comor 07840 986864.

To find out more about Harlan, please visit www.savetheharlanbeagles.com

Thank you and see you there

Sign the Save the Harlan Beagles online petition www.change.org/petitions/save-the-harlan-beagles