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American group launches comprehensive resources available to everyone. 

Online AV magazine


The American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS) publishes absolutely the most readable, informative monthly magazine that is now available online free of charge!

For many years I have received print copies and saved them as classic "must read" literature that I use to help others understand important issues affecting animals currently used for research. I have sent copies to my elected officials to reinforce comments I have made about "animal research" by letter or in person visits to their office.

Please browse through their extensive collection and let others know about this important and free resource. This is an important asset for ending the use of animals as surrogate humans. Find current and previous editions here:

The AAVS announcement about the launch follows below:

Thanks to our supporters, AAVS is hitting a milestone today. We are launching the digital edition of the AV Magazine, available for FREE to everyone.

With each issue focused on a specific topic, such as animals in education, animal sanctuaries, and primates in science, the AV Magazine has long been a resource for members. Now we're making it available to online activists, students, educators, media, and others everywhere.

Fulfilling our mission
AAVS's online community knows that public education and awareness are crucial to building support for new policies and practices that will end the use of animals in science. By making the AV Magazine's information and insight available to a wider audience, we are advancing our mission to help animals in labs.

Making it easy to share
Access your favorite AV Magazine issues and articles and post a link on your Facebook page, e-mail, or share in other ways. We're making it easy with a share function on every page of our easy e-reader format.

The AV Magazineis now yours to share online.

Let us know what you think, and help support our rollout of the AV Magazine's digital edition and other important AAVS programs with a donation today. Thank you!