Primate expert speaks out

Dr Jane Goodall's editorial in the London 'Times' explains that medical research does not rely on the import of animals.

The Times: Jane Goodall weighs in on animal experimentation

With a strong editorial in The Times today (Sat 17th), world-renowned primatologist Dame Jane Goodall has rebutted Lord Drayson’s rash claims about animal experimentation in this newspaper earlier in the week. “Medical research will wither in our universities” if we don't import laboratory animals to the UK, he claimed. When exactly did he decide that entering the‘most extreme claims about animal research’ contest was a fit and proper function for a member of the House of Lords? Although his strong entry only narrowly trails the all-time winner: “medical progress would be severely maimed by prohibition or severe curtailing of animal experiments”(Osswald 1992), he is a bit behind the times. This, at least, appears proper for a Lord…

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