'Safer Medicines' continue to represent doctors opposing the animal model


With more material printed in the mainstream medical press and a new petition aimed at parliament, SM represent rationalist medical professionals.

News from Safer Medicines

Thank you very much to all of you who signed our last petition - you can watch its presentation to Number 10 Downing Street here. http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/i/

Please sign our new petition calling on the UK Government to make it a legal requirement to use the best tests available to ensure that new medicines are as safe as possible.

You can sign online here http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/d/

OR print off a petition sheet here (please do not sign online and on paper -duplicate names could invalidate the petition) http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/h/

See more in our latest newsletter. http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/k/

Our second letter in The Lancet

Safer Medicines Trust joined forces with 22 senior scientists to call on the Prime Minister and Health Secretary to compare animal tests for drug safety with newer tests based on human biology. Our letter was published in The Lancet on 4th June. http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/o/

Predictably, the pro-animal-research lobby attacked our letter with a response published in The Lancet on 9th July. http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/b/

We are very pleased that our response to such a false and ill-informed attack was published in The Lancet on 28th October. http://safermedicines.cmail1.com/t/y/l/wuydll/wyheqt/n/