Historic chance to evaluate vivisection

Historic chance to medically evaluate animal testing

Please help by contacting your MP

Pressure is mounting from politicians who are calling for history to made.  They want an independent, transparent scientific evaluation of how medically useful animal tests are.

The evidence indicates that this would reveal the much-hidden problems with animal experimentation and lead to massive action against it.

Please help make this happen by doing one simple thing.  Ask your MP to support the Early Day Motion calling for this.  You can do this by writing to your MP, or you can send them an online letter by clicking
here. Just type in your postcode and click on the name for your Member of Parliament.  Then just send him or her a message asking to sign EDM475.  You can find out more about EDM475 here and more about this sort of investigation here.

The EDM has received a massive boost: scientists have published a report into the scientific failure of toxicity testing of medicines in primates.  Read more here.