Costs and Benefits

Book: The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments


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Few ethical issues create as much controversy as invasive experiments on animals. Some scientists claim they are essential for combating major human disease, or detecting human toxins. Others claim the contrary, backed by thousands of patients harmed by pharmaceuticals developed using animal tests. Some claim all experiments are conducted humanely, to high scientific standards. Yet, a wealth of studies have recently revealed that laboratory animals suffer significant stress, which may distort experimental results.

§ Where, then, does the truth lie?

§ How useful are such experiments in advancing human healthcare?

§ How much do animals suffer as a result?

§ And do students really need to dissect or experiment on animals?

§ What are the effects on their attitudes towards them?

Bioethicist and veterinarian Andrew Knight presents more than a decade of ground-breaking scientific research, analysis and experience to provide evidence-based answers to a key question: is animal experimentation ethically justifiable?

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