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Beagles to Find New Life after Release from Testing Lab in San Diego

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Abuse of helpless dogs in the name of science is constantly being reported from many parts of the world, including the United States. Thanks to the efforts of caring groups of people that a number of animals held captive for lab experimentation are released to recover and live a normal life again. One such victory was claimed by the Beagle Freedom Project recently which got custody of 20 dogs held for lab use in an animal testing laboratory in San Diego. The beagles, all male and about 7 years old, were released on Thursday and will see a new life as they are placed for adoption.

Animal rights attorney and the President of the Beagle Freedom Project Shannon Keith tells The SOP more about the recent release of the beagles.

SOP: Shanon, please tell us where were these beagles held and for what purpose?

Shannon: They were used in an animal testing laboratory in San Diego. We don`t know what specific tests were done on these dogs. The industry is very secretive. I can tell you that testing done on beagles includes medical/pharmaceutical, household products, and cosmetics.

SOP: How did the Beagle Freedom Project come to their rescue?

Shannon: We were approached by another rescue group who was unable to care for all 20 dogs themselves. Because we specialize in this, we were happy to help.

SOP: What condition were they in when your team went to collect them?

Shannon: Some were in bad shape. Many of them had had recent surgeries. They will need a lot of care and love.

SOP: And how did they respond to the release?

Shannon: They all reacted a little differently. Some were happy to have freedom, and were running and playing. Some are friendly, while many were, and still are, frightened and confused.

SOP: So will these Beagle boys be available for adoption now?

Shannon: They will need some time in foster care so we can see to their medical needs and get them adjusted to living in a home environment. They need to learn potty training and leash skills, but they will be wonderful pets. All the adoption information is on our website

SOP: Also Shanon, any special reason that your organization works for rescuing beagles only?

Shannon: Beagles are by far the most popular breed of dog used in laboratories, for a number of reasons. They are friendly, docile, trusting, and forgiving. As of a few years ago, the USDA said there were around 80,000 dogs used in research.

SOP: From your website, it appears your organization works internationally. In what countries have you helped Beagles so far?

Shannon: We did a major rescue from a lab in Spain that was closing down, and would work in any country where we can save some dogs` lives, provided the funds are available.

SOP: So how can interested readers donate to your cause of helping the beagles?

Shannon: Thank you so much for asking. We are a nonprofit organization and rely on donations to do this work. Our website has all the various ways people can contribute and help.

SOP: Many thanks Shannon for the great work and sharing it with our readers!