News - Fund science not vivisection

Why the minister should fund science not vivisection


UK science minister David Willetts has spoken out in support of science funding.  (Item here)


"Especially in a time of austerity, we inevitably think of the way it can contribute to economic growth...the evidence is overwhelmingly that scientific research can contribute to economic growth."

Wise words.  But will it help benefit a technology-based strategy?

We currently stand at a point in history where things are happening.  The emergence of medical technology is amazing. 

* Cell cultures are now capable of things we never believed possible.  Human cells from skin, eyes and major organs can be grown in 3D and drugs and chemicals studied in reaction with them.

* Humans can take a millionth – that’s 0.0001% - of a dose of a drug, and the effects and destination of this can be traced with incredible accuracy.

* Computer systems process complex interactions to show the chemical affects of medicines on organs or whole bodies.  Reactions can be studied in detail, replayed and conditions altered.

* The effect of the way proteins are arranged in cells affects health enormously.  But this is poorly understood and needs to be unravelled.

* Human brain activity can be watched in detailed 3D realtime while the conscious patient controls and explains their thoughts.

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The potential of medical technology is enormous.  The nation that leads the world in these areas will gain massive advantages for their economy.

See the film here.

Yet the UK includes in the science budget massive funding for animal based tests.  Old science that doesn’t work, and will be forgotten.

The future’s here now.  Lets have our tax money funding the technology that will save human lives and put our economy at the forefront.
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