News - US government sued over animal testing
BUAV. 6 April 2010.
Coalition sues U.S. government over failure to respond to
animal testing petition.

The BUAV has joined forces with a coalition of animal
protection groups in the USA to file a lawsuit in federal
court in Washington, D.C. against the Food and Drug
Administration, accusing the agency of violating its mandatory
duty under the Administrative Procedure Act. The lawsuit
states that the FDA failed to act on a petition asking the
agency to require the use of scientifically sound alternatives
to the use of animals in scientific research used to gain
approval for the marketing of drugs and medical devices.
Other members of the MAP (Mandatory Alternatives Petition)
Coalition include the American Fund for Alternatives to Animal
Research (AFAAR);  In Defense of Animals (IDA); and the New
England Anti-Vivisection Society (NEAVS).

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