Progress - virtual human
5 June 2009.
Virtual human answer to vivisection.

Computer simulations will free the world of the need for
testing drugs on animals, according to leading scientists.
Dr Steven Manos of University College London cites the Virtual
Physiological Human Project, a database of computer simulation
He says: "Not only will simulation lead to the reduction and
eventual elimination of animals in testing, but it will also
improve healthcare worldwide."
He is supported by sci-fi writer Paul McAuley. He says: "In
our grand-daughter's world, precise drug targeting, made
possible by tests on microtissue cultures and virtual computer
models of individuals, means that animal testing is no longer
Meanwhile, according to cell biologist Dr Kelly BeruBe of
Cardiff University
, "developing intelligent cell growth
scaffolds is the new era of cell culture. "By recreating
tissue environments, we will improve understanding of many
aspects of cell behaviour including wound healing and
responses to therapeutic drugs without the use of animal
They were addressing Cheltenham Science Festival, supported by
the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and
Reduction of Animals in Research (NC3Rs) in association with
New Scientist.